Bojleri i ostala bijela tehnika


I am a lost 21 year old woman who's mind is all over the place. And so are my posts on tumblr. In case you found yourself here by accident (the only way you could, really), leave. That's my most honest advice.

(btw, the "who's" is intentional. well, now that I've noticed it, it is)


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Mom and I had a big fight (lots of cursing and stuff) so she took my laptop. Just a side note to put this into perspective, I’m 21.

Anyways, I was wondering around the house aimlessly, getting familiar with things I haven’t seen before, like the vacuum cleaner and the mop, and I spotted this shadow-thing in the bathroom. 

Doesn’t it look like a miniature flying Minotaur that’s carrying a bunch of sticks and branches and whatnots, on his back? 

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